SUPPY CHAIN BRAIN - Pandemic as Pivot: How will your Company Emerge from COVID-19?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Supply networks slowed, and some halted as COVID-19 has caused unprecedented disruptions. From mechanical equipment to medical supplies to the way consumers shop at grocery stores, the supply chain as we know it has been permanently altered. This is a unique opportunity to help chart a future course for all aspects of the supply chain. Over time, leadership that’s bogged down by deadlines and daily quotas can forget the evergreen management principles needed to drive long-term success. COVID-19 offers companies a chance to reset their workflow, reexamine their offerings, and embrace emerging opportunities. The pandemic gives each of us an opportunity to remake ourselves — to disrupt the disruption.

Supply Chain Brain published my article about helping to define how your company will emerge from COVID-19. Read the full article here.

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