Law firm boutique specializing in two practice areas in the energy sector was seeking to generate new leads from existing clients for additional service offerings.


The firm was attuned to (and often ahead of) key regulatory issues facing the market.  However, it was not conveying messages to clients about its level of legal expertise in technology and intellectual property, leading clients to rely on other law firms for information and counsel.


Though leadership program and

robust digital strategy


In order to distinguish itself from its competition, our solution involved evaluating the market with hard data and creating a new market niche. The niche area needed to be strong enough to stand on its own


To raise the profile of the new offering, we created and implemented a thought leadership strategy. By developing a content marketing plan that included an engaging design and messaging to help reinforce the firm’s strengths, we gave this new initiative the platform it deserved. This included integrated, multi-channel marketing and communications campaigns to create an entire “content experience” for clients.


From podcasts and webinars to blog postings and articles in leading publications, clients were presented with personalized content that extended the firm’s brand and visibility of its thought leadership.



Increased Avg

User Sessions



Increase in New Leads for Target Practice


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